The next YouNG Market


YouNG Market in East LeakeThe previous three YouNG Markets have been a great success at showcasing both young talent and entrepreneurs. Now on 29 November 2014, the next YouNG Market will be held in the centre of East Leake. It will run from 3.30pm till 5.30pm and there’ll be around 10 stalls and 6 performers. The whole event will be run by and feature young people.

To sign up for a stall or as a performer see the YouNG ambassador in your school or click on the buttons below. Keep checking the YouNG website, Twitter and Facebook for more updates. Don’t forget to get your applications in by 5 November. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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An interview with Mr Rahman

Do you think it’s good for young people to get experience in a working environment?

Yes I think it’s really important and over the last few years at school we have tried to create more opportunities for our pupils. This week in fact is the year 11’s work experience week, which some schools have stopped doing because it’s no longer compulsory and apprenticeships from that can be continued later. However I think we could still do more and we’re hoping to expand these opportunities to more years, especially lower down the school.

What was your first job and when did you get it?

I got my first job when I was 15 at the end of year 11 at ‘Pay Less DIY’, moving bags of cement from one place to another, the job was a bus ride away and a bit like B&Q. I was paid £1.36 per hour and I was working from around eight in the morning to about seven in evening. I remember being very proud to have a job and coming home with my pay check at the end of the first week and giving half of it to my mum and half of it to my dad. It gave me a real sense of responsibility also I made friends and learned how to work with people. I was actually offered an apprenticeship there and so wasn’t going to go to university, but I decided against that because there was only so far it could take me.

The YouNG markets have stalls and live music organised, run and performed by young people, do you think this is good idea?

Yes. The enterprise and skills must really help the students grow. I think it also increases their confidence and gives them and opportunity to develop themselves.

What message would you like to give out from our school regarding the YouNG project?

More students should get involved with YouNG because of the way it helps students grow both personally and professionally, which is hard to get in school. Also it helps you to stand out from the crowd, which will help when applying to universities and as a result of that it will help you to get a good job in the future.

Interview from the head of South Nottinghamshire Academy


South Nottinghamshire Academy’s head teacher, Mr Philpotts, sat down with me and Georgia, from the older YouNG group, to discuss his thoughts of YouNG.

He said that “the YouNG brand is very innovative and offers young people a chance to improve their skills whilst being employed to develop a social network that provides meaningful advice, guidance and support”.

His favourite part of YouNG was the YouNG Markets as “they gave everyone a chance to show their talents” and the fact that the entire project had been essentially set up by the children employed in the first group.

When we asked what his thoughts were about the support YouNG gives to the community he replied… “The YouNG team’s involvement and support of events like the Rushcliffe Sports Award and the YouNG market have been invaluable both for the wider community and for all of the young people who have volunteered their time and efforts”

Bridgstock 2015


Every year, at the West Bridgford School, students in the sixth form run Bridgstock. Bridgstock is an annual concert and is made up of students from West Bridgford School. In an assembly last week some of the sixth form students announced that the auditions for the next Bridgstock the week after half-term, and that anyone who was interested should come to a meeting at 1:15pm on Wednesday 22 October. During the assembly there were also two performances of songs, both of which were really good.

So if you go to the West Bridgford School and can sing or play an instrument then come along and audition for Bridgstock! To see some videos of Bridgstock from the previous years, check out their youtube channel:

‘Break a Leg’-Theatre Royal Tour


On Saturday 18 October, I got the chance to get a tour around the Theatre Royal, in Nottingham, and learn all of the Theatres history.

The tour was led by Ezekial Bone, who was ‘every man from the Theatre’, and was brilliant. He showed us around the seats where the audience sits, backstage, and we saw some dressing rooms, and even got to go on stage which, for me, was like a dream as I love to perform on stage and would love to star in a big Christmas Panto! We also saw many props and costumes whilst we were all finding out interesting and funny facts about the Theatre.

Did you know that the reason why people say ‘break a leg’ to someone before they go out to perform is because this one time, at the end of a pantomime/play, the whole audience enjoyed the play so much that they decided to shower the stage and actors and actresses with flowers and money to congratulate them on their wonderful performance, and so the man that opens and closes the curtains decided to keep on opening and closing the curtain, just for fun. So he carried on pulling on the lever that opens and closes the curtain, which is known as a ‘leg’. So the man kept on surprising the audience by opening and closing the curtains, and then opening and closing them again-until it got to the point where the ‘leg’ could take no more and then suddenly…”SNAP!” The leg broke.

So therefore, when someone says ‘break a leg’, what they actually mean is that they wish you the best of luck and hope you put on a splendid performance which will end up with you having endless joys and riches.

As well as touring round the Theatre, we also got to go to the Royal Concert Hall, which is just next door to the Theatre. This was only for the last 10 minutes but we got to go on the stage of it and learn that Elton John was the first person to perform on that stage.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you’re not into Theatre or History, you’ll still love it. It’s great fun, for all ages, even when I first met the tour guide, I knew straight away, it was going to be a day to remember!

Halloween freaky fortnight


18 October – 2 November 2014
Galleries of Justice Museum

‘Orrible Hangings and Gory Goings on!

Join in the fun this October half term with the Galleries of Justice’s unique, family friendly actor led tour, brand new for Halloween 2014!

You will be taken on a journey five floors underground to explore original Victorian courtrooms, prison cells, caves and dungeons. Meet a host of spooky characters on your journey back in time and take part in a mock trial with the Court Usher.  Learn the truth behind the ‘orrible hangings that once took place on the very steps of the museum and explore the past as it is brought to life before your eyes!  Suitable for all ages.

PLUS! FREE kids activities will be available in the Creation Station filled with arts & crafts, beanbags, sofas and showing a family friendly, freaky film with a Halloween theme!

Actor led tours will run every half an hour from 10:30am – 4pm every day and last approximately 1 and a half hours.

Tickets: £9.95 adults; £7.95 children; £27.50 family of 4
Book early to secure your desired tour time: 0115 952 0555 (opt.6) or email

Performers Wanted!


The next YouNG Market is taking place at East Leake on 29 November from 3:30pm-5:30pm and performers are needed to entertain people with their musical talent.

Performers can, sing, dance; or play in their schools Samba Band. If you are an aspiring artist, this may be the perfect gig for you. You never know…it could even be your ‘big break’?

So don’t be afraid, join the YouNG Team in helping showcase a fantastic event that can help promote the Young Network Group and other companies, whilst having an absolutely brilliant time!

Fill in the application form (click on the ink below) today to get the chance to showcase your talent at our fourth YouNG Market.

Performers apply


2015 Venture Force Ghana expedition


In 2015 three teams of students from East Leake Academy including myself will be participating in an expedition to the West African country of Ghana. They will go there to help the inhabitants of the Eugemont orphanage. This orphanage is home to 56 children, ranging from the ages of 18 months to 18 years. The orphanage is completely run by the donations of others but in 2015 the orphanage will lose their current site and effectively be made homeless. That’s where we come in! Venture Force has decided to build a new orphanage, only three miles from the original site, completely from scratch. The new orphanage will be built with two dormitory blocks complete with toilets and showers, a staff block with a kitchen and relaxation room, a clean water purification system and a football academy. All will be built from scratch by the volunteers and school teams at Venture Force.

The East Leake Academy teams must raise £1800 per student to cover flights, accommodation, jabs and other costs. To do this all students must raise this money with many fund raising events including sports, musical evenings, car boot sales and many other brilliant events.

So if you see any fund raisers near you be sure to wish them luck and donate what you can so they can really make a difference.