National Careers Service

Finding a job can be hard, especially for young people. The National Careers Service aims to help young people take the next step in finding a job. Whether you are aged 13-16 or left education this useful tool allows you to follow your chosen career path.If you don’t know what A Levels, GCSE or university course to take for different jobs, there is so much information to help you to make these decisions. This information is often not easy to find at school but the National Careers Service makes this information accessible for everyone whether it is through advisers coming into your school, their easy-to-use website (which includes a web chat) or their phone line. This amazing tool will help you in many ways, so take advantage of this and find out more here:


What I’ve learnt from YouNG

Sadly, Group 2’s time at YouNG is coming to an end, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve gained from being part of such a fantastic project!

Firstly, I’ve gained experience doing something I’ve always enjoyed – writing. It’s been great to develop my skills by writing a blog every week, and also to receive advice and feedback on how to improve.

Being part of YouNG has also improved my confidence, too. Having to talk to people about YouNG around school, give presentations and lead discussions are all things I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing, but I’ve found that the more you do these things, the less scary they become. This has definitely had a knock-on effect and I’ve found it easier to talk to people in general, and pushed myself where, before being part of YouNG, I wouldn’t have.

I’ve also been involved in the YouNG Markets we’ve set up – Group 2’s first market back in March, in Bingham, our second in West Bridgford, and our third in East Leake last month. It’s inspiring to see the community support young talent and entrepeneurs. Even though I wasn’t working on the day of the East Leake YouNG Market, I was still part of the promotion, and went along to interview the other members of YouNG, stallholders and performers, with 103 The Eye.

Which brings me to something else I’ve gained: opportunities! Through networking events, I managed to get work experience at The Nottingham Post in the summer (you can read more on this here), and also got to go into BBC Radio Nottingham and sit in on Verity Cowley’s show (read more here). I managed to get some of my work published in The Post, and visiting the radio station resulted in getting an interview about the West Bridgford YouNG Market with Mark Dennison on the Breakfast Show. These have all been amazing opportunities for me, and have shown me just how many great things are out there, if you’re willing to go out and get them.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time at YouNG, and I’m sad to leave! However, I’m looking forward to seeing how YouNG will develop. It’s been lovely to see Group 3 gain confidence and skills, the way I have, and I’m sure that they are going to continue to do a great job.






Leading up to Christmas at WBS

Quite a bit is happening at the West Bridgford School before Christmas. First of all there is the West Bridgford School Christmas Market which is going to be held on Wednesday 17th December. It’s going to be in the main hall from 5PM – 8PM and it’s being run by the two young enterprise teams at WBS. It will have a variety of things going on, including a santa’s grotto, so why not come along? Also if you’re interested in having a stall you can send an email to you can also see a poster here:

Also from the 8th till the 12th there are the celebration assemblies for this term. The celebration assemblies happen at the end of every term and prizes are given to students who have done significantly well that term and also often there is a guest speaker who comes and talks to us.

Next week on the 15th, two things are happening. First of all there is the more Christmas related event, the carol service which is happening in the evening at St. Giles Church, however it is not open for the public to come and see, so so you can only attend if you know someone in the carol service. The other thing happening on the 15th is the Germany Celebration day, where there will be German food served in the cantine as well as Germany related activities happening at break time and lunch time. There are often celebration days to celebrate the culture of other countries in our school.

Finally, although it doesn’t affect too many people, next Wednesday and Thursday it is the Drama trip to London (which I am going on). Whilst in London we get to see two shows (War Horse and Les Miserables) and also we get to do workshops with the actors afterwards and it should be a really good experience.



Goodbye YouNG

I started at YouNG in September 2013 and will sadly be leaving this month, however YouNG will be left in safe hands of  a very capable group of young people. The past year or so has been an experience I will never forget.

Through YouNG I have been able to go to events such as the Sports awards, the Community awards, the Christmas Lights switch on in West Bridgford, a civic reception with the mayor and many others. Along with this I’ve had the opportunity to meet lot of interesting people like the mayor, radio presenters from Capital and Gem, graphics designers and other important people involved with the YouNG project.


Over the past year and a bit we’ve been able to host 3 YouNG Markets (one of which was with the new group) and have designed an anti-bullying flyer! I never thought in a million years that I would be able to have the confidence to stand up in front of others and express my opinion but a year later I have been able to talk in front of my peers in assemblies and learnt so many valuable skills that I can take forward to my future career.

I have been truly privileged to have experienced all of these opportunities at the age of 15! I have to say a massive thank you to all the people involved in YouNG for making it possible and I wish the next group every success in the coming year, I hope that the project grows in years to come, it has been an honor to be a part of YouNG, Good Luck to all involved.


Christmas Jumper Day

December 12 is Christmas jumper day. Now in its third year, Save the Children’s national fundraiser is a great way to get into the festive spirit whilst raising money for a great cause at the same time. On top of that, this year the government are going to double the amount raised by the event, making an even bigger difference to this cause.

Save the Children is a charity that saves the lives of countless children in 120 countries worldwide. They provide essentials like antibiotics and clean water in order to prevent suffering. We can all make a massive difference to their work as a donation of just £2 can pay to treat and potentially, save the lives of three babies with infections, so make sure you get involved!

If you don’t already have one, there are plenty of places, for example Primark, where you can pick up a jumper to get you into the festive spirit. Or, if you don’t want to splash out on a jumper you’re hardly ever going to wear, why not just add some tinsel to a jumper you already own for the day. However you do it, make sure you don’t miss out on this fun day and great opportunity to help out those in need.

Spread the word on twitter with the hash tag #XMASJUMPERDAY or check out the Save the Children website for more information


Unusual Christmas gift ideas

As Christmas draws ever nearer, lots of people are unsure what to buy for their family and friends, so here are a few unusual ideas to make Christmas a bit more interesting:

Meerkat experience- How about treating your friend to a meerkat experience; although this initially seems a bit pricey, look out for it on Amazon local deals for a great offer. (

Bake them something- Why not make a tasty treat for your friends, although not that strange an idea, it’d be great fun for you to make, adds a personal touch and you could maybe even bake it in a mug so they have something to keep afterwards. Try the mug cakes book available from the book people for inspiration. (

Light up shoelaces- Available for the bargain price of £5 from Hawkin’s Bazaar (

And finally for some chocolate with a difference, treat someone to a chocolate pooing reindeer (


East Leake Academy mock interview day

At East Leake Academy on 2nd December 2014, it was mock interview day. This day involved students performing an interview with professionals to get them to grips with what a real interview would be like. It was a great opportunity for the students from both years ten and twelve.

It gave the students a chance to construct their early CVs. All the students were led into the hall and were given an interviewer to speak to. Once they were asked a series of questions about work experience and their futures, the interviewers then gave constructive feedback to improve everyone’s CV and actions within the interview.

Personally, I think this was a wonderful chance for all students to gain vital life skills that will most definitely be needed in their futures. Also, a big thank you to all the interviewers who took time out of their days to help young people with such important skills that are essential for a healthy future.