The write idea

Opportunities are so important for young people today. At YouNG we are provided with many opportunities. One of the main ones is help with developing our writing skills. This week at our YouNG session (on Wednesday) we were privileged to have help from Nicky Mee (Marketing & Public Relations Officer at Rushcliffe Borough Council). First we looked at writing styles and genres. With YouNG we have the opportunity to undertake many different creative writing tasks to do e.g. in our weekly blogs.

We were then set a written opinion task: discussing the pros and cons to be a vegetarian. Despite being the same age, we all had different views and different ways of expressing our view, yet most gave an evenly balanced argument, then coming to their conclusion. We were helped along the way by our YouNG project leader, Anna Poole, and her assistant Amy Gethings. Amy enjoyed the task so much that she joined in by writing her own piece. The great thing about YouNG is that we are all different so we can communicate with all young people across Rushcliffe.

It was another great experience especially as Nicky gave us a laugh or two during the evening. As every ambassador wrote their own opinion piece be sure to check them out and let us know your thoughts on being a vegetarian via twitter or in the blogs comment. We can now pass on our new knowledge of what we should remember before, during and after writing our blogs.

On behalf of the entire group we would like to thank Nicky for coming to help us develop our writing skills.

The main things you need to consider:

* Content – what you actually saying. Is it ‘right’ and is it interesting?

* Organisation – how you lay out your writing. Is it ‘right’ and is it clear?

* Accuracy – words, spelling and grammar. Are they the ‘right’ words in the ‘right’ style?

* Effect – how you create an impact. Have you grabbed the reader?

*Style -make the style personal. Write your article in the first person (I). Also, address your audience and assume their agreement (“you know what I mean”, “I’m sure you’ll agree”).

*Language – use lots of strong adjectives and intensifiers (e.g. “incredibly tasty, absolutely scrummy etc.”)

Sentences: start with short, sharp sentences. Make them longer as you get more and more into the argument.

Connectives: use positive connectives to create a sense of momentum: “and… not only that… and then there’s… not forgetting… and what’s more… and as if you need reminding… and also… and while I’m on the subject…” etc.

Paragraphs: organise your whole piece into paragraphs to show how your argument is developing and building towards a conclusion. Think about ordering your paragraphs.

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Soap box: The need for speed!

A soap box car, also known as a gravity racer is a motor less vehicle that is designed to be raced downhill against a clock or another competitor. Although most are made with friends and simply to have a good time there are many races and competitions dotted all around the world. There are many ways to build your own soap box; most are made of wood or metal and have a beautiful design to finish. You can customize your soap box to look like anything!

The most famous soap box race in the world is the Red Bull Soap Box Race. The Red Bull Soap Box race has held over 40 tournaments all around the world, the first being held in Brussels in 2000. These races are televised so you can see the wacky and amazing designs that these people have created with their own bare hands. During the races we have seen a piano, a giant baby carriage, a rodeo clown, an enormous corn on the cob, a jail cell and the golden gate bridge. Check it out, build your own and get involved!




Project Sport

Turn that frown upside down!

January is one of those months nobody likes. For one its freezing; the cold often brings down your mood. Quite a lot of people have no money because of Christmas and some people feel guilty as they have already given up on their new year’s resolutions! But now it’s time for a change, let’s be happy! I am going to tell you some techniques to improve your mood and turn that frown upside down!

Do stuff you enjoy! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as you are enjoying yourself, let yourself go and have fun in these cold winter months.

Bake a smile on your face! Baking is a great way to improve your mood because obviously you get nice food for you to eat and you can share it with your friends!

Exercise! It might not seem like exercise is the first thing you would want to do to make you happy, but it does! It releases a chemical in your body which actually can improve your mood!

Spend time with family doing something you all enjoy, they’re always there for you, and trust me they can make you happy!

And of course spend time with friends! Nothing beats laughing with your friends.

Hopefully some of these ideas will lighten your mood! There is no better feeling than being happy!



Do you conform to uniform?

This week at our YouNG session we met with Nicky, she writes blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. She came to talk to us about our blogging, tweeting and Facebooking, especially our blogs. We had an hour with Nicky in which we discussed the different writing styles we could use, we all wrote an opinionated piece on vegetarians. We were then all tasked with writing another opinionated piece this week. I was going to write mine on scone or scone but I realise that it might be a bit confusing, and we all know that it is scone anyway!

So here goes….

There are many reasons that people argue for and against school uniform. Some say that uniform shows identity and helps children concentrate as they aren’t worried about what they are wearing, because they are all wearing the same. They also argue that it helps children understand rules and how to follow them.

One of the most common arguments is that it helps prevent children from being bullied as the poorer children can’t be bullied for not having designer clothing, because all the children will be wearing the same school uniform. By wearing school uniform, it can give the children a collective identity. On the other hand, if children are allowed to wear their own clothes it gives them the chances to express themselves as well as making them feel more comfortable. It also gives them the chance to create their own identity. Also, parents wouldn’t have to buy separate clothes for them to wear just at school. Not wearing uniform helps encourage children to express their creative flair.

These are some of the main and biggest ideas for each half of the argument so use them as you wish to make your point, I hope this was useful.

Creative writing School

Listen up

Every Sunday I do a radio show from 12 till 1 on 103 the eye. My friend Niki and I do the show together sometimes with one of the sixth formers from my school, south Nottinghamshire Academy, Jordan. we have an hour slot we call the Cotgrave Candleby lane takeover, in  which we discuss many light hearted topics, from spiders in bananas to the weirdest news we have heard that week. We also do the mystery guess, we have seven guesses to guess what our opponent has written on a piece of paper to gain points, and at the end of the year whoever has the most points wins a prize of their choice ( under £10 ). One of my favourite features we do on the show is blast from the past we get to pick a “old” song to play and we all sing along, when the microphones are off, thank goodness! We are also planning to have a YouNG update feature soon so I can update you guys on the goings on and the next events we are panning. Also, how you can get involved. Please feel free to tune in or find us on the internet, tweet us @crocFM or facebook us crocFM and let us know what you thought or maybe just to tell us that you are just listening!


Snow, Is It Good or Not So N-ice

During the Christmas Holidays the gift of snow graced us with its presence however not everyone was happy to see its return. Some people find snow a nuisance and dread the white sheet which covers our roads, whereas others cannot wait to get outside and have some fun.

Let’s start with for snow. First of all it’s great fun. Whether you enjoy making snowmen, snow angels, having snowball fights or sledging, one thing is for sure, there is plenty to do in the snow. Personally I went out sledging almost every day that the snow was there and had a great time. Even for parents who don’t necessarily want to go out in the snow, at least they know that it well get their children off of game consoles or away from watching TV, which is good for them.

So far snow seems great for everyone, but there are cons as well. For example, it’s a problem for some people who don’t live in the more urban areas as they don’t get their roads gritted, which can cause a problem as it’s harder for them to get around. Another reason people despise the snow is the fact that usually afterwards it becomes ice and sometimes even black ice, which people often fall on, leading to serious injuries such as broken bones.

So in conclusion I believe that snow can be both a good and a bad thing, but in my opinion I would have to say that it’s a good thing.




Football the beautiful game or the ugly truth


Football is one of the most, if not the most popular sports in the world. Through media, television, magazines, newspapers, videogames and even trading cards, this sport touches millions of people across the globe. But are the people who play this sport really setting a good example?

As most of us know being a footballer is one of the best paid professions. But do they deserve their 6-figure salaries? After all they are just playing a game. There are people that save lives and risk their own on a daily basis who get paid less than half that of a footballer. The behaviour of footballers often seems immature. The media is full of stories of footballers being racist, sexist, being abusive (on and off the pitch) and taking drugs. The most recent high profile example being that of Ched Evans. It’s not a nice thought that children around the world look up to these people so should they really be role models?

However football being as popular as it is, it has a very high demand. It provides entertainment for millions every day and lots of people enjoy and love the sport. Also, thousands of children are getting up and out playing football with their friends for clubs. It is a great sport for people of all ages to get involved, socialise and keep fit. The media are also known for blowing things way out of proportion. Everyone makes mistakes but when a footballer does it, it’s made so the whole world can see. Those footballers who do act irresponsibly are only a minority, the majority of people in the industry are ordinary people who are given a bad name by those few who do things they shouldn’t under the spotlight of the media.

But what do you think? Are footballers over paid and irresponsible? Or are they responsible for gifting our society with a great sport that provides quality entertainment and a sense of community that anyone can be involved with?